The Perfect Human Interface began as an exploration of what it means to be perfect. It evolved into a study of the human conception of perfection. This study created a database of interactions that demonstrated various aspects of the most dynamic interface available: the human interface. 

We learned about the dynamism of the human interface through the different ways we approached our subjects, and through the different ways in which our subjects interacted with us. 


Originally, we tried disguising ourselves as scientific researchers. We created a human interface that was not genuine - it was full of humor and insincerity. In return, our users reacted with confusion and hesitation, or at best, a reciprocated humor and insincerity.

We decided to approach our topic and our users with honesty, creating a transparent and genuine human interface. In this way, we were able to begin to collect the data that we had hoped to get. We asked people what “perfect” or “perfection” means to them, and if they thought that a human could be perfect. This question elicited thoughtful and profound responses, but only in certain settings, and only with some respondents. If, for example, we approached someone who was outside smoking a cigarette in a courtyard area, we might get a long and elaborate response. Yet if we attempted this approach on a busy thoroughfare, it would fail.

We formulated different sets of questions for different settings, and found that the most successful question was, “what is your perfect meal?” This question was intended for a user in a busy setting, where our interaction had to be more focused and concise. But as we tested this interaction, we realized that this question enabled a user to move from specific to general, to define his or her paradigm of perfection by answering a deceptively simple question. Everyone eats - it’s one of the most basic and common human experiences. The question is quick, simple and fun to think about. For some people it became a springboard to discuss the idea of perfection in general.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.26.22 PM.png

The exploration of the notion of perfection has led to a study of the most basic and most dynamic interface. It is the interface that we use everyday, whether we are web developers or construction workers. We hope you enjoy experiencing some of interactions with the various “users” of our interface.