Audio: Shpongle - Brain in a Fish Tank
Video recording and editing by Zebbler Additional footage by Mat Welch, Jake Stafford and SamO 

Above photos from Shpongle's House of Blues, Boston show by Kimberly Maroon 

As part of the Zebbler Studios team, I helped design and produce the live visual stage performance for musical performing artist, Sphongle. My work focused on fabrication of the projection-mapped surfaces, and the design and fabrication of the LED-driven infinite mirrors and contour lines.

A pixel-pusher micro-controller board receives video passed from Resolume Arena via Syphon and Processing, and pushes it out to over 2300 individually-addressable RGB LED's, making them completely in sync with Zebbler's projection-mapped animation content. 

Photo by Zebbler

Photo by Zebbler

The design is completely modular, as it must be packed and shipped across the US on a tour bus, then reconstructed each night by assistants from each city that have never seen it before. Coming up with a solution that was functional and easily understandable proved to be a difficult challenge, but was ultimately an extremely valuable learning experience.