Glow Power Podium v1.0 / by Daniel Buckley

Jeff Bartell, "Glow Power" performing at DMI's Fresh Media 2014

Jeff Bartell, "Glow Power" performing at DMI's Fresh Media 2014

I created this podium and companion audio-reactive visuals to accompany Jeff Bartell's Glow Power music project. The podium itself offers a frosted acrylic front for non-projected performances, and white-painted wooden panels as projection surfaces for projection performances when the venue allows. The visuals include custom-animated motion experiments with the addition of a carefully-curated set of audio-driven visual effects to create a dynamic, yet readable multi-sensorial experience.

To create the initial video assets, I used Adobe After Effects. To launch the video clips and add the audio-reactive effects, I used Resolume Avenue. To create the projection-mapped surface, I sent the textures from Resolume Avenue via Syphon Server to Madmapper. 

This piece was originally exhibited at Fresh Media 2014, The Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt's yearly gallery show at the Nave gallery in Somerville, MA.

Below you can see a test for our non-projected LED-lit pedestal. At this point the shield on top of the pedestal was held together by electrical tape.