Magnifying Glasses / by Daniel Buckley


Ceren and I visited the TEDx Beacon Street Google Glass adventure at MIT, where we were able to test-drive some beta versions of Google's upcoming wearable technology offering. The Google Glass were cool, but we were actually much more excited about the hacking session that John Werner, head of TEDx Beacon, put together to keep people busy while we waited our turn to accidentally take photos on each other's Google Glass — FYI speaking actions are going to be a big problem. 

The experiment involved hacking a webcam and attaching it, along with some LED's an an Arduino, onto safety goggles in hopes that we might more closely study one's eyes. We were then able to hook the webcam up to my laptop and run it through Photo Booth. You can see on my laptop screen in the image at the top of this post that we are all zoomed in on Ceren's eye.

The project was inspired by a Media Lab student's work to design glasses that might help doctors detect diabetes.