This project was an assignment from Typography class in undergrad titled, The Typographic Weather Vain. When presented with this project I began researching Weather, Typography, and Vanity. However, Weather resulted in the most inspirational and informative material. I was immediately drawn to the philosophical side of weather. I learned that a key characteristic is the Earth’s constant fight to keep balance in the atmosphere. Many have theorized that this fight is merely by chance, where others believe there are set patterns which appear chaotic to the untrained eye. To enhance my knowledge of balance and chaos, I began reading the theories of Stephen Hawking, and was thrown deep into the philosophy of Chaos Theory. If I were going to relate this complex information to the masses, I would need a symbol that even the most feeble of laymen were to understand—I chose the iPod and iTunes.

The Mac OSX interface became my visual playing field. This particular interface belongs to none other than God Himself. Details within the composition clue the viewer into the owner’s identity—details include God’s myspace profile, His AOL Instant Messenger Buddy List (6 billion buddies,) His post-it-notes (rain sulfur,) iPhoto gallery (Mecca,) and iTunes playlist (including all songs with the words Angel or Heaven in the title.) However the real question is asked in center of iTunes window where it asks if God would like to Shuffle, which parallels the original question—is our world ruled by chaos, or is there a pattern to which we live our lives?

Below I have provided the spreads from my process book.