Blade is Boston's hottest new company, interested in co-founding a few, small consumer technology companies in the city, per year. Clearly, they needed an office to reflect to the innovative approach they were taking to the consumer-tech business. So their fearless leader, Paul English, reached out to the community and brought together some of the most forward-looking technology-driven artists to design a space worthy of Blade's approach — oh and they also asked me.

Paul had a distinct vision for what he called the "Bat Wall." After hearing his description, I knew no better person than Colin Owens to help me figure out how to bring this idea to life. Written in openFrameworks, and animated in After Effects, this four panel, four projector installation utilizes the Microsoft Kinect to allow users, based on their hand position on the wall, to control a swarm of bats. The project originally debuted at Blade's opening night event, and will remain as a permanent installation at Blade.